Une Jounée in The Louvre Paris

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One of my biggest dreams when I was a child is to visit the incredible “City of Love” Paris, all of the girls in my town would love to be there it’s very famous of its romantic and european style architectures, buildings, people, culture and plus they speak the language of love “french”.

How many of you would love to go to this place? I’m pretty sure every single lady would love to be proposed by their lover in front of the Eiffel Tower, to make a lovers padlock in the Bridge, and eat french croissant and pain au chocolat while sitting in front of the Seine River.

For this part I’ll show you more of my forte, since I am a historical lover I do love to visits museums and expositions etc. so my second official visit in the city town of Paris is most likely to visit the rest of the places that I haven’t visit yet, and of course to tour the most famous and largest museum in the world, a historical place in Paris The Louvre.

The Louvre or Louvre Museum is one of the most visited place in Paris, it is the third most visited Museum in the world with more or less 7 millions visitors every year, there are around 38,000 objects from prehistory to 21st century including for sure the masterpiece of Leonardo De Vinci’s Mona Lisa and a lot more aircrafts from the most famous people, furthermore the Museum contains the most prestigious collections  like Egyptian Antiquities, Near Eastern Antiquities, Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Antiquities; Islamic Art; sculpture, Decorative Arts; Paintings; Prints and Drawings and a lot more.


Organizing the visit was quite difficult at first when we passed by to this place we thought that we could directly come in and have a tour however it’s not likely that way here, in this place you will see people queuing up to enter the Louvre that would take for 30 minutes to one hour of waiting just to enter imagine? the day we went to our hotel to plan the tour for the next day, we bought our tickets online and went there as early as possible but well surprise there’s still a queue even 8:00 am but not as much as yesterday.


It was a sunny day, the weather is harmoniously synchronizing with my mood despite of the long queue we were able to stay calm and stress less. waited for more about 25 minutes finally its our turn to enter, yehey I was very excited that I want to see all of the precious fine objects inside this famous museum. Time check 8:30 am and we’re about to start our grand tour.

This is the first view when you get inside the Museum.

After a brief tour in the entrance hall its time to kick some oh sorry not to kick to visit the first section that we have chosen and that’s the Greek/Roman/European Empire the most awaiting part garnering the most visited department you know why? it’s just that its very famous if you have seen the book based film “The Vinci Code” the museum earned $2.5 million by allowing filming in its galleries.

With not much further a do here I’ll show you one my favorite galleries including the painting of Mona Lisa, The Wedding Feast at Cana, The Winged Victory of Samothrace,   and many more.







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There were a lot of cool stuffs that are exposed in the galleries it’s really up to you where will you start first but for me I chose this one since I wanted to see more of paintings, arts, and just have that feeling to be back on 300 BC feeling like a time machine where you can see all the creations, fantastic and incredible creations rather from our ancient people.

Meanwhile on the other part of the gallery we have encountered the most unique pieces which are the collection of special arts from different cultural base of several countries starting off with the African rare objects, Asians including from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines among other collections are also from South and North American and Eastern and Western Europe.







The one and only piece came from my country which I’m very proud of.

The tour from the beginning took us around hours already then we decided to take a break eat some a little bit and continue, for those who doesn’t know the Museum area is 72,735 square metres (782,910 square feet) it might take you an hour to tour just one category of the galleries.

Looking forward to the next department its the Egyptian side, it is really fun to see how this collection was retrieved thinking that it was from way back years ago.







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Going through the Near Eastern Antiquities it’s the second new department, the contents are from the archeological objects of Iraq, Iran from Persian period. The most famous collection is the Human-Headed winged bull Assyria, limestone from 8th century.




The last part was the ancient greek mythology side where you can see statues of Hercules, Artemis, Zeus, Hermes and a lot more. Well I wish I could show you all the fantastic works of art the Louvre Museum has unfortunately I have a limited space here so I’m trying to cater the maximum that I can so here are just a quick peek of the Greek Gods.



Before I end I want to share to you the most expensive collections that I have seen this are the jewelry collection of the French Royal family from Louis XV period, and the rest of the descendants.

Personally I would consider it as the “chamber of secrets “like in Harry Potter, chamber of jewelry and fancy stuffs, the rest of the place are extremely elegant and majestic, who doesn’t want to see this things, I think every girl wants to marry a prince in her dreams.






So there it is our journée in La Louvre Museum it was pretty long, started 8:00 am as I have mention earlier till 4:00 pm and after that we headed directly to Brussels. my eyes are very intrigued with all those collections that I have discovered some were familiar to me some were my first time to see especially the Mona Lisa painting, looking at it, it feels like unreal honestly the tour was worth it.

Finally I could say after years of coming in and out of Paris I have visited this most famous Museum in the world, no offense from the other Museums however this one is the most that I’m looking forward to.

Some tips if you want to organize a visit in the Museum, first you need to know that this is a huge really huge place it will take you hours of walking and visiting the entire area, be reminded that there are restaurants inside the hall so you can eat whenever you want. Be sure to come early before 8:00 am perhaps especially in summer its very tight very full. Be reminded that when you buy your tickets you need to select the entrance time so be prepared and be there early before your chosen time.

Nothing much more to say, this a 10/10 score for me, if you will visit the Museum in the near future you can always visit their official website

Ticket are also available there its 17 euros/person, open every day except Tuesdays from 9:00 am to 6:00pm

You’ll receive an information map, audio guides from different languages they even offer guided tours and workshops, so it’s all for you now to choose what’s the best fit for your tour. I wish you had a great fun reading this article.

Before Summer Begins

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As an habitual way to turn the page of the season winter is the spring, when spring comes it means nature will be no more in mode hibernation, nature will be more colorful, trees will be filled with leaves, grasses resembles like a beautiful shining green carpet, and flowers are commencing their petals to flourish, bees will be more occupied to fulfill their works, and above all Spring in europe means Tulips will be one of the biggest clan of flowers that will be lively and attractive to watch out.

After a long trip from Philippines the next plan is to visit one of the most biggest flower gardens of the world, it is located in the city of Lisse just right next to Amsterdam on its southwest part in Netherlands. The journey began with early in the morning like 6:00 am already in the road, a road trip from brussels to Holland that will take for about more than 2 hours depending of the traffic flow, unfortunately for us passing through frontier between Belgium and Netherlands is the busiest.


The ride took us 3 hours to get to the destined place, it was already passed 9:00 am when we arrived, before entering the main road I’ve noticed the large farm of tulips around however the flowers were already ripped off since it was almost the end of the tulips season.




Entering the garden was majestic, blooming flowers was waiting to welcome us the colors of each and every variety of tulips are amazing there were violet, blue, red, yellow, orange, white, pink it was like a real rainbow shattered in the garden. Not just tulips but also daffodils and hyacinths.

There weren’t a lot of people at that time, I had such an incredible time to savour the immense city of tulips and just relax take some photos from here to there.


The park covers an area of 32 hectares equivalent to 79 acres, accordingly it has approximately 7 million flower bulbs planted yearly which means this place is enormously brimmed with blossoms surrounding.

Keukenhof actually means “kitchen garden” has more or less 100 royal suppliers, this are exhibitors who supply the best of the best range of flowers and arrange them accordingly through out the exposition.

On the map you will see some guide the area, places where you can visit publicly, some with shops, souvenirs etc. at first you have Wilhelmina which indicated a shop image and restaurant and also public toilets, next is Beatrix for Orchid Show then Irene a plain shop, Willem-Alexander with flower shows, Oranje Nassau with flower shows, flower mosaic and walk of fame, the Mill, and lastly Main Entrance and Flower Bulb Shop.




It has several types of gardens too it features the english landscape garden which has winding paths and see-through alignment, the historical garden which has many old types of bulb, nature garden which consist of water garden and shrubs and japanese country garden a non-traditional garden.





As we passed by from one garden to another I’ve noticed a lot of types of colourful displays, uniques statues, paintings, arts and special art designs that are very attractive on eyes.








Aside from this unique displays of course the most much visited area of the park is the famous Mill, there were already many people at the vicinity, families, children, couples, doing some picnic, it was the highlight of the site, along side is the souvenir shop filled with special items for visitors.

There is also a kiosk for the Wispher Boat tour it was 7 euros per person for a tour in the tulip farm, but unluckily since we visited a little late in the month the farmers already cut off the tulips for their the next cycle of bulbs to be created.





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After visiting the Mill on the other corner, there’s a small building with a collection of different kinds of orchids exhibition, wide range of rare colorful orchids decorated and designed by specialists they usually call it the orchid show which is stated in the map, there were also some mannequins wearing special clothes with orchid design on it, it was very interesting to see cause it’s not typical nowadays.





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After the visit in the Orchid Show next was to eat lunch in Wilhelmina near the big fountain, but before getting there we get to go up close in the lake and did the march with the circle spot like wood floating. there were people crossing the lake at the moment it was kinda difficult for two or even three persons in one circle, you really need to be careful not to fall on the lake if that I’ll be a bad day for you.




After lunch the visit wasn’t over yet, continuing our track next on the line is Juliana/Tulpomania wherein this place offers exhibition of tulpomania and bulb information which means it’s all about the “bulb” for those who doesn’t know this is  a rounded underground storage organ, consisting of a short stem surrounded by fleshy scale leaves or leaf bases in short this is the kind of seed but for tulips it’s called a bulb.




The biggest of all the exhibition building is the Willem-Alexander it has the largest exposition with an area filled with flowers arts, designs, landscape, shops, ideas for interior design with plants and even techniques and ways to make plants look more attractive and prettier and a lot more.

The best thing that I’ve found here is that handicap persons are very welcome and they can access almost every where in the park except on those circle spot floating in the lake of course.






A few walks later I saw a small house with some rabbit like form statues all over the place, I wonder what was it at first I thought it was like a souvenir shop for tulips but in the end when I went there it was a petit Miffy Village.

Miffy is originally told by Dick Bruna to his son for bedtime stories as white bunny, who scampered around the garden of their holiday home, later on he sketched and make it a little girl bunny in dress and so Miffy was born.



Miffy is very popular for children all over the world, its creator featured her in more than 30 books, she is known as “nijntje” in Netherlands from the dutch word “konijntje”, meaning “little bunny” and in French she is known as “le petit lapin” .

Moving on, I wanna show you my favorite part of this tour normally there’s two of them first is the different types of water fountain that I saw around the gardens, I intentionally took pictures of them cause for me I find them beautiful, who knows one day I’m gonna build a water fountain in my house.






The second is my personal collection of beautiful photos of tulips that I have collected, hopefully it will please you also.






Over all Keukenhof is a very accessible park to all, for all ages and specially for handicapped persons they even have wheelchairs free of charge and electric wheelchairs with 10 euros charge available in the park, however with a 20 euros for security deposit.

Free Wi-fi, Lockers , Lost and found service, and even your dog can enter in the park except in restaurants and pavilions.

Opening hours is from 8:00 am – 7:30 pm

Admission fees :

  • adults – € 16
  • children (aged 0 to 3) – free
  • children (aged 4 to 11) – € 8
  • combi-ticket (entrance + travel from Amsterdam) – € 29

How to go to Keukenhof ? via public transport use find the shortest and the fastest way to get to Keukenhof by public transport. Note that during Keukenhof opening season there are special direct buses going to Keukenhof from airport Schiphol (№858), Leiden (№854) and Haarlem (№850).

Going there by car? Keukenhof is located between Amsterdam and Leiden. To plan your route use Keukenhof’s address in your navigation: Stationsweg 166A, Lisse. It will take you approx. 40 minutes (sometimes more depending on the traffic) to drive from Amsterdam to Keukenhof. You can park your car near the park for € 6.

For more informations go to the official website


Score : 8.9/10

Almost everything was perfect but due to the traffic of the road deviation in the Keukenhof Area, and plus the inutility of the Whisper Boat without the tulips farm this is my score.